Fall Update

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True …It Probably Is


One of the things we pride ourselves on at DD Mechanical Services is the amount of time and research do on the HVAC industry. This is so we can guide our customer to the best product to meet their needs. A lot of contractors will make all kinds of “promises” regardless of what industry they are involved in. Whether it is electrical, plumbing, HVAC or whatever. We have seen an upswing in this type of activity within the last few years. This is not just at the contractor level but also at the manufactures level. This can be the product, financing the product, or service.


On products we check out, each year to see which is the better based on how many repairs and replacements had to be performed. A lot of advertizing does not mean that product is a good one. And you will notice that every few years that we change what products we promote. Because of the research we do we can tell a lot of times when a product is having issues. It’s public knowledge that Lennox was involved in a Class Action Lawsuit concerning evaporator coils. Or that Trane had a major recall etc…. These are factors in our conclusions but not the only factor. Customer service to the consumer and to the contractor plays a big factor. Warranty is another factor. Repair history is another. We aim to make sure you are getting the best equipment at the best price available.


Financing has become a part of the process now as pricing has increased to a level where people can no longer afford just out right buying a system with cash. We believe if you can try to pay for the equipment without financing, do so. But we understand it is not always possible. Whether the contractor does not understand the terms, or the finance company communicates the term incorrectly. You need to understand them. We have seen long term financing programs quoted to consumers that were not true. Example, if you believe you’re not going to have to pay anything for 5+ years (60 month, Same as cash, No Minimum Payment Due) you are sadly mistaken. I have seen up to 18 Months no payment with a conversion to a 60 month term (17.99%- 24.99% interest). The rate the contractor has to pay is astronomical. Yes someone has to pay. Normally it goes to the contractor. So I can bet this is added to the bottom line of the sale. Be realistic and get financing in writing before you sign. We again look at what we consider the best packages available.


Next on the list is Service. Not just the contractors but the manufactures. New types of policies and procedures have been put in place by a lot of the manufactures. A lot of warranty registration has to be done now by the consumer. Several manufactures have required the contractor no longer fill out these (forms) application. Want that 10 year warranty that comes with the equipment? It may be up to you to do the paperwork now. We at DD Mechanical Services do try to inform you on this. Not all manufactures have gone this way, but it seems to be a trend. A lot of times as a consumer you cannot get any information on your equipment warranty or service from a manufacture. They now even have contractors jumping through hoops to get anything done. If you have the information in the form of a booklet, given at the install. Please keep this is a safe place. This will answer a lot of questions. If you don’t, call us. We can do the research to see information on your equipment if it is available.

In conclusion. We at DD Mechanical Services are dedicated to good ethics and business practices for our customers. Trust in us is a big factor as our customer. Please always feel free to call us or ask us about anything dealing with the HVAC industry. If we don’t have the answer we will do what we can to find it out.

New Rules and Codes

Like every year the government gets involved in our life. For us putting in new rules and codes.
  1. All Condensors (outside units) must have locking gas caps. and in some locales must be tied down.
  2. Duct work in a non conditioned space(like an attic) must be rated R-8
  3. All electrical breakers must be sized to the same as the unit rating or less. In other words. If your A/C is rated at 45 AMPs you must have that size breaker.
  4.  Furnaces installed in an attic with Ectothermic insulation must have a rating of 90% AFUE or better.

One of the things that we have seen on the horizon is the Federal Government trying to increase the rating on gas Furnaces to 92% AFUE. We have been fighting that through some people representing the HVAC industry in Washington D.C.

 In conclusion, we are here to assist you in anyway we can. Let us know how we can be a great company for you.